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Five of the Most Popular Food and Cooking Shows You Should View During Quarantine

Do you give 20 percent of your roommate? Do you have to rent an area in the sunroom because there’s no one? Are you wondering “What is an activity?” Are you aware that eating out is not an option for a lot of people?

COVID-19 preventive measures have transformed foodie culture into an exclusive zone of housing and apartments. Food shows are the only way to get your fix of a restaurant. This extensive collection of documentaries on food and drinks will leave you hungry and eager for a return trip to the culinary world.

1. Netflix: Ugly Delicious

This fun and easy to follow video will take you across the world with David Chang. Each episode will showcase a new culinary concept, or dish–such sarma recept kulinarika curries on sticks, meats, or fried Rice. There’s plenty of tasting and conversations with locals and guest stars, to explore the evolution of this food. You can watch Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Simmons and Nick Kroll on the show.

2. Hulu The following is Delicious

Hulu now has the Viceland original. Action Bronson is a rapper and chef who is known for eating the best food available in the country. To create his episodes, Action often teams up with famous chefs or rappers. Each episode is unique. identical.

3. Food Lore on HBO

Do you want to experience something completely new? This HBO series is for those who love exotic food and locations. This unique approach to food TV released in the United States on March 2. The eight shows were produced by eight directors representing eight Asian countries. They’re all linked by the same theme “food”. Each one will entertain you and inspire you to travel to Asia.

4. Netflix’s Chef’s Table

It is the ultimate program about food and philosophy. A lot of people enjoy it and have watched it numerous times. Netflix connects the best chefs around the globe and all in one spot: your living room. You can stream episodes of Chef’s Table to get to meet the chefs behind contemporary culinary trends, including Ana Ros, Grant Achatz and Dan Barber on an intimate level. Each episode gives a glimpse into the mind of a chef. They also discuss their rise to the top as well as the obstacles they faced during their journey.

5. Jiro Dreams Of Sushi On Netflix

Chef’s Table is the brainchild of David Gelb, a documentary filmmaker. The film is also where it all started. The film, at 81 minutes, is about Jiro ono (85-year-old sushi chef) at Sukiyabashi Jiro, Tokyo. It’s his quest to the highest level of culinary excellence. Gelb stated that Chef’s Table episodes were just an extension of the original. If you’re looking to watch the entire series, you should start by starting here.